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Cheyenne Woods

Big Ten Powerhouse has their 2013-2014 Wisconsin Season In Review – Bo Ryan Reaches His 1st Final Four With A Different Style .

Lot to look forward to here, Badgers hoops 2014-15 way too early preview .

Reviewing the Brew has their MLB Power Rankings: Week 2 .

Disciples of Uecker is POPing the Productive Out Myth .

Nicely sums it up, From fun to frustrating: Larry Sanders .

Over at Packer Talk Network they ask Are the Packers Better Off Leaving Micah Hyde at Cornerback?

Wouldn’t be a bad pick, NFL Draft 2014: Ohio State Linebacker Ryan Shazier Scouting Report .

Bet this will get asked a lot, Will Wojo’s Marquette look anything like Duke?

Looking waaaay ahead, 2014-2015 preseason top 25 college basketball rankings .

This just doesn’t seem right, The NYPD And NYFD Played Hockey, Which Means They Ended Up Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other .

Here’s The Thinking Guy’s Guide to Getting Away .

This seems a bit out of hand, White House Slams Samsung Over Obama Selfie, May Ban Selfies With The President .

Some nice work here, Someone took a cute photo of a bear playing with a piece of wood. Redditors photoshopped it into Internet history .

Bernie Brewer would never do this, The ‘Unofficial’ Cubs Mascot Took A Swing At A Guy In A Wrigleyville Bar .

Where There’s Smoke.. – Over the weekend there were a couple rumors/info drops about the Bucks being sold & having new owners soon.  The most interesting speculation is that Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio could be part of that rumor.  While I doubt Attanasio would be an out-right owner he could be part of an ownership group that is interested in the Bucks & I think I’d be pretty comfortable with that. I’ve been a fan of Attanasio for a while now for his commitment to the Brewers, Milwaukee & fans so if he is involved with a new Bucks ownership group that would be a great thing especially as it relates to the team staying in Milwaukee. Of course, this could just be a rumor with no substance behind it but if it’s true I believe most Bucks fans would be happy with the situation.

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