• Aaron Needs His Swagger Back, You Guys
  • A Slightly Late Packer Preview
  • Packers Therapy Has Moved
  • Tell us what you really think, Bob
  • The Game Is About Glory
  • Michael Sam and the ‘new’ America

Aaron Needs His Swagger Back, You Guys

Football analysis could really use more nerds. Casual fans will always have their place*, but baseball is better for having passionate, analytically-minded fans, bloggers, and yes, journalists, to identify and eradicate any garbage.  You can get away with a lot in football simply because the season is so short that anything can happen. Small samples […]

A Slightly Late Packer Preview

Note: I wrote this a week ago, well before last night’s game was played, however various real life things prevented me from posting and editing until now, so while it’s admittedly odd to post a preview after a game has been played I think this is still worth putting out there, and actually helps to […]

Packers Therapy Has Moved

If you’re looking for Packers Therapy here on its old stomping grounds, we’re sad to say you won’t find it. We are happy to say though that you can find it now at Packers Talk Network! You can find Chris & Dave at their new home here: http://packerstalk.com/category/podcasts/packers-therapy/ & you can subscribe to their new […]

Tell us what you really think, Bob

Bob McGinn interviewed Ted Thompson the other day , but it really told us more about McGinn than anything. Let’s have some fun and convert Bob’s leading questions into statements. For instance: Q. Given this franchise’s money, management structure, stadium, training facilities, fan support and tradition, has it reached the point here where the Packers […]

The Game Is About Glory

A wise man once told the world, “The game is about glory”. The “game” this man was talking about was soccer and actually, the full contextual quote was even better: “The game is about glory. It’s about doing things in style, with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for […]

Michael Sam and the ‘new’ America

  “Horrible.” That was the word used to describe Michael Sam being drafted by the St Louis Rams by Miami Dolphins’ safety Don Jones in a tweet. He has since been fined an undisclosed amount by the National Football League, but thankfully that was the only notable negative reaction. Why would The League fine a […]


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