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Svetlana from Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel

Not a good Spring for the new Brewer so far, Matt Garza gives up 10 runs in 1 2/3 innings, Brewers fall to Angels 12-2 .

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Interesting choice here, So It’s Come To This: The Kalamazoo Growlers Are Wearing Jerseys Made Entirely Out Of Selfies .

This seems rather unfortunate, UK fire station lacking sprinklers burns down .

Who thinks this stuff up, Mmmm: Pasta Flavored Ice Cream Bar With Tomato Bits .

You’re Not Helping – For the record, I don’t dislike Ryan Braun. I certainly don’t respect the guy any longer, but I don’t harbor Braun any ill will. I do know many though, many of them Brewers fans, that despise Braun for the drama & situation that came to light last year. Braun has been trying to put that whole episode behind him by apologizing to fans & admitting mistakes but when he comes out in a recent USA Today article referring to himself as ‘an artist’, it’s not helping his cause. I get that professional athletes need to be supremely confident & thick skinned but statements like that as well as others in the article just make Braun seem over the top arrogant & less than contrite. In large part thanks to Hank the Dog, the Brewers have been able to side step the return of Braun to the team after his suspension as a focal point but interviews like this force it back into the forefront. More importantly they don’t do Braun any favors as he tries (allegedly) to win back favor with Brewers fans. I want Braun to do well this year because it helps the Brewers if he does but if I’m the Brewers organization I’d make sure the only attention Braun gets is for what he does on the field. Hank the Dog seems to be quite fine without a leash, I’m not so sure Braun is.

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