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Kristen Wetherbee

Brewers fall once more, Padres 6, Brewers 2: Offense struggles again .

And the first trade is in, Trade Season Report: Francisco Rodriguez Traded .

Reviewing the Brew has some Brewers Therapy for you .

Ron Roenicke Stole My Baseball on Braun, Due Process, Etc.,

ACME Packing Company scounts the Packers Specialists .

All Green Bay Packers on the topic of D-Line Depth headed in Training Camp .

Brew Hoop says, correctly, that Brandon Jennings still has value .

BQ5 on Wisconsin football recruiting: Counting the stars of quarterbacks past, present and future .

Such a genius recruiter, “Pile of crap” and Charlie Weis’ 10 Best Recruiting Lines .

Maybe should’ve screened a little better for this job, A Man Paid to Protect 52 Bottles of Whiskey Worth $102,000 Drank All of It .

Of course it’s Florida, The first rule of Naked Hangout Club is: You do not talk about Naked Hangout Club .

I’m thinking this a good thing, Sacha Baron Cohen Is Not Going To Play Freddie Mercury .

In case you want to keep working, Ten Bad Reasons to Avoid Retirement .

Wait, what? Bill Clinton Sings ‘Blurred Lines’ Because Internet Demanded It .

I’m Gonna Go With Doubtful – The Badgers were the Leader’s Division entry into the Big Ten Championship game by default last year due to Ohio State’s one year ban.  That ban is over now & pretty much everyone has the Buckeyes pegged to usurp Wisconsin now. It’s really pretty hard to argue against that too. The Buckeyes went undefeated last year & return a very solid team under second year head coach Urban Meyer.  On the other side Wisconsin has a new head coach, questions at QB & on paper just look to be the weaker team.  What it will boil down to is September 28 when the Badgers play the Buckeyes in Columbus.  That game will most likely decide the winner of the division & it’ll be up to the Badgers to beat OSU at home to do so.  Is that possible? Anything is possible but truthfully, I don’t think we’ll see the Badgers advancing to the Championship game this year again.

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