This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Packers’ Away Opponents’ Cheerleaders.

St. Louis Rams

The Brewers headed to St. Louis on the heels of a loss to the Marlins yesterday afternoon .

Miller Park Drunk asks, Are we really talking about playoffs?

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ACME Packing Company examines the Fantasy Football angle of the Packers/49ers game .

The Sports Bank has a Brutally Honest Preview of the Badgers game for you.

Paint Touches with a little roundtable discussion on who will be Marquette’s leading scorer .

Brew Hoop on how Bucks’ General Manager John Hammond Has Quietly Put Together His Best Offseason .

This was pretty much everywhere yesterday, but on the off chance you didn’t see it, you must: This John Clayton ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercial is absolutely SPECTACULAR .

So much of this is so, so true: If High School Gym Class Had a Syllabus .

At least as Packers fans we’ll never have to worry about this scenario: Art Modell Dies, And Cleveland Is Definitely Still Mad At Him .

An in-depth dissertation on Which Animals Suck and Which Animals Rule .

Some of these 10 Most Anticipated New Shows of the Fall 2012 TV Season don’t look too bad, if I had the time to watch them that is.

Yeah, I occasionally put too much thought into these 5 Texts I Will Over-Analyze as well.

Some feedback & commentary from former presidents that watched Bill Clinton’s DNC speech .

Diving into Mark Zuckerberg’s 13 Douchiest Moments .

About Time, Isn’t It – The first weekend of NFL football, feels glorious doesn’t it. Besides the actual game the thing which I’ll be looking forward to the most, because I’ll finally know it’s real, is around 3 pm or Sunday being able to walk outside, look up & see the Air Force F-16s to the Northeast as they make their run towards Lambeau Field for the flyover. For me, at that moment, it’ll sink in that Packers football is actually back.

Later on this morning we’ll have our 2012 Pocket Doppler Group NFL Predictions for you & also making its return for another season in the afternoon will be the Pocket Doppler Prognostics. This year it’ll be Mike, Colleen, Rich, myself & replacing Chris this year, Kelly. As in previous years, we’ll be making our weekly picks on the Packers, Sunday & Monday Night games. I’m not going to bother going into who had the best record last year because I’m sure Colleen, who is taking over the reins of the PDP this year for me, will be quick to point out who did have the best record…spoiler alert, eh?

Have a great weekend, enjoy the Badgers game tomorrow & I would remiss if I didn’t say ‘GO PACK GO’! See you back here Monday morning.

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