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Putting this puppy out the morning after seeing that it is 11:30 in the evening right now and everyone who be reading this is comatose from a Throwback Weekend Overdose, present company included. But there is a corpse to put on the slab, so on to the post mortem we will go.

  • Did any expect anything less than a victory against than the worst team in the league?
  • That said, it looks like McCarthy’s plan was a conservative one: get in, get out, win and try not to get hurt in a cake game.
  • Too bad Sam Shields did not get that memo. So much for going concussion free this year.
  • Dear God: quit whispering Run it Out to any Packer catching a ball seven deep in the other guy’s end zone. You may have created the universe in under a week but apparently football strategy is not one of your strong points.
  • If there were ever going to be a textbook on how to perfect the play action fake would need an entire chapter devoted to Aaron Rodgers. Seriously in do or die situations, this guy can get blood from a stone if need be.
  • Jordy Nelson proved once again that he is the reliable go-to receiver scoring a TD that was absolutely amazing to behold. And it is because of that reliability that his uncharacteristic drop really stood out.
  • Nice to see Newhouse settling in to his role as Left Tackle. Good thing considering that Clifton’s Out Indefinitely could easily translate into Out Forever. He continues to hold his own with a helping dose of help from Tom Crabtree in the blockign department.
  • Even nicer to see Bryan Bulaga back on the line.
  • And since I’m welcoming back the wounded, glad to see Frank Zombo suited up.
  • Is beastmode one word or two?
  • Doesn’t matter as long as it has long hair, a gun show, and a 52 on its back. Hello, Mr. Matthews. I have missed your handiwork.
  • Hopefully everyone is remembering that each time Donald Driver gets his hands on the ball, he eclipses James Lofton’s receiving record a little more. Every catch is a little bit of history.
  • Not as many different receivers in this game as the last. Maybe it was the wind. But then again, the wind wasn’t causing all the drops. Can’t use that excuse when you’re quarterback still manages to make laser-accurate throws look easy in a 20 mph wind.
  • Did I mention it was windy? Even the little puddle of sun in the fourth quarter didn’t help.
  • I think a team exercises Special Teams fail every time it has to rely on the punter to take out the punt returner. At least Tim Mathsay doesn’t pussy foot around. He knows how to deliver the hurt unlike a lot of punters and kickers that act like they don’t want to dirty up their uniforms.
  • That said, really, Slocum? You had to rely on the punter to end the run? Fail on all levels.
  • Can we now have a moratorium on bagging on James Jones? He’s clearly holding up his end of the bargain and continues to pull in touchdowns.
  • No, it wasn’t a perfect game. It wasn’t a full throttle, destroy the worst team in the league type of game. But a win is a win and the Packers are now the only undefeated team in the league.
  • Meanwhile Jim Schwartz apparently doesn’t remember how to lose with dignity. Between Schwartz and Harbaugh, it was a little roller derby minus the hair pulling. Wonder how big their fines are going to be. And in other news, Harbaugh continues to act like an obnoxious frat boy. Go as Pete Carroll about it.
  • Speaking of fines, I’m setting the over/under of AJ Hawk getting at least a ten grand fine at 46. Anybody know who peed in his cornflakes?
  • Which brings us to The Cheese Stands Alone
  • Yes, that means the bulls eye grew a little bigger on the Packers’ backs this week.
  • And in one more thinky thought, this week’s final word is brought to you by the We Have No Shame school of photobombing:


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  • Anita

    You know, the photobombing QB’s aren’t even trying to be subtle anymore.

    And if I remember correctly, Jim Harbaugh’s u-rah-rah schtick got under the skin of opposing coaches in college, as well (Harbaugh and Pete Carroll are not fond of each other, and now they’re reunited in the NFL). After the Stanford-Notre Dame game three years ago, ND QB Jimmy Clausen went to shake Jim’s hand after the game and Harbaugh, pissed after a loss, told the kid, “fuck you.” He said that to a STUDENT ATHLETE. He could have said it to Charlie Weis and no one would have cared, but he said that to a student. I have no respect for him (adding to the fact that he went to Michigan and played for the Bears, so there you go).

    That said, he seems to be a good coach at both the collegiate and pro levels. He just seems like a time bomb, waiting to go off. Oh, and no matter how good a coach he is, he’s not going to change the fact that Alex Smith is not worth the money they dished out for him, or the number one pick they used for him. I can’t even watch not LAUGH MY ASS OFF that the Niners could have had Aaron Rodgers and instead got stuck with him. D’oh….and THANK YOU.

  • foundinidaho

    In Harbaugh’s defense, he did draft Colin Kaepernick. Therefore, I heart him. Anita, WE MISSED YOU. Next year you have to come. Kelly, Robb gave me his cold, he is dead to me. Tell him thanks a lot. ;)