This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Had On Here Before.

An Ali Larter sort of morning.

The Packer Update asks  How do you like us now?

The AP announced their All-Pro Team yesterday and the Packers Have Three All-Pros .

CD on how Bears QB  Cutler Reaps What He’s Sown .

Packer Geeks also has  More thoughts on Cutler .

Melinda at Lombardi Ave on  Why She Cried .

Well Chicago got a small measure of revenge as the Bulls beat the Bucks 92-83 where  Kurt Thomas upstages Derrick Rose for at least one night .

While the Brewers and fans are happy to have Zack Greinke,  Former Teammates Have Harsh Words about him .

My Dad would argue that Bowling shouldn’t be on this list of the 9 Most Boring Sports to Watch on TV .

That Squid on a Stick looks delicious:  25 Foods on Sticks That May or May Not Kill You .

Wisconsin’s pretty weak here in  The United States of Vices .

The Internet equivalent of a State of the Union, The State Of The Web .

15 Best Booze-Related Inventions , not including Booze itself.

25 Bikini-Clad Babes Looking Hot in the Cold

So, Super Bowl, Eh? – Yesterday was for me, hell the entire weekend, was a whirlwind of activity.  Up early to drive back to Green Bay, try (& fail) to get caught up on emails and work stuff and then promptly crash.  However, somewhere in all that it finally dawned on me that the Packers are in the Super Bowl. It wasn’t till I could actually sit down and start to rewind the weekend in my head that it all sunk in and I gotta say, I’ve caught up now to the euphoria of everyone else.  While today will be a ton of catch-up, I’ll do so happily knowing that the Packers are playing for the Lombardi Trophy in  13 days.  Lastly, a big ole public THANK YOU to Corey Behnke for allowing me to fill in for his cousin last minute and be able to go to the game on Sunday.  Here’s Corey & I post game on Sunday.

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  • Weasel

    It took you that long. Hell my girls were running rampant around the house hooting and hollaring.