This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is ’2010 Top 5 Draft Picks’.

A Carrie Underwood  (from Muskogee, Oklahoma & Sam Bradford, Oklahoma to the St. Louis Rams with the first pick) sort of morning.

Over the weekend the Brewers kept up their current streak of dropping the first two games in a series and picking up the last one.  As I tweeted either on Friday or Saturday, are the Nationals that much better than what we thought of the Brewers that much worse?  The truth is somewhere in between.  The Brewers Bar has your recap from yesterday’s win .

While yesterday’s Brewers game was entertaining, what with the 10 run first inning, it should never have been as close as it was.  In Between Hops has some thoughts on the Brewers pitching staff here .

Right Field Bleachers has some more commentrary on the young Brewers season as well.

The Bucks had their first playoff game this weekend as well, losing to Atlanta however giving them a good run in the 4th quarter after going into the second half down 20+ points.  Brew Hoops has a recap of the game .

Bob Boozer Jinx on Luc Mbah a Moute and his defense against Atlanta’s Joe Johnson .

Friday I ranted a bit on Ben Roethlisberger so to follow that up, a  Pittsburgh columnist creates definitive Roethlisberger Glossary

5 Cultures With the Most WTF Wedding Rituals

Babes on Baseball on Ballpark Etiquette .

Acme Packing Company calls the re-signing of Chad Clifton a Game Changer .

Beyond playoff basketball and the normal slate of baseball games, the NFL Draft will start this Thursday, continue into Friday night then limp to a finish on Saturday.  Have I said how much I hate this format?  Oh well, not much to do about it now.  The next few days we may be a little heavy on Draft links and player projections but I suppose that is to be expected.  To start things off, Ol’ Bag of Donuts on how they would run the draft rooms of the non-Packers NFC North teams.

Total Packers ponders that the Packers may not go OT at all .

Packer Geeks has an overall 2010 Packers Draft needs piece .

Movie Premises That Could Use A 10-Year Moratorium

Buck’s 5th Quarter has a review and more on the Badger Football team’s Spring game .

Draft Week – so our DD Dames theme will be top 5 draft picks and women from those states.  This will be the closest you’ll see to a mock draft on this year I imagine.  If you have suggestions or want to leave your thoughts on the picks or who will be picked next do so in the comments.

Have a link, tip or something else that should be included in this space? Email us and give us the scoop.


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  • Chris

    …and speaking of the draft, here’s an hour of commentary by two guys who can barely spell “NFL”…

    Packers Therapy will have adult supervision when Chad Reuter joins us to breakdown what GB did in the draft next week.