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Sunday Morning Musings

Yesterday was “Cutdown Day” in the National Football League as teams were required to pare their rosters to the 53 man limit.  Noteworthy among the moves for the Green Bay Packers were the releases of veteran defensive back/kick... read more »


Expectations are high, but…

It’s too late. I drank the kool-aid, bought into the hype, hopped on board and strapped myself in for dear life. For once, optimism has runneth over my normally dominant, negative alter-ego. To avoid bad luck, I have been sporting a garlic... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Getting Out of Town

This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss USA A Gina Cerilli (Miss Pennsylvania USA) sort of morning. The Brewers were swept again this weekend by the Phillies and thankfully leave what used to be the favorable confines of Miller... read more »