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Sunday Morning Musings

Anyone who has a grasp on the Milwaukee Brewers must think of hot soup as a finger food. The Brewers began this week’s west coast road trip by dropping 3 games of a 4 game series in San Diego while scoring all of two runs in the process.... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

The Milwaukee Bucks squandered a golden opportunity to advance beyond the first round of the NBA playoffs in front of a raucous home crowd Friday night. Despite holding a 5 point lead early in the 3rd quarter, the Bucks allowed the Atlanta... read more »


The Week That Was

A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us. 1. Bucky the Exorcist:  The Badgers vanquished the #5 Blue Devils on Wednesday night.  Get it?  Devils…Exorcist? ... read more »


The Week That Was

A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us? (Editor’s note:  Since Wally is ignoring his responsibilities, or perhaps tending to them, the BigSnakeMan is... read more »


Decommissioning Blue

The University of Wisconsin basketball team may have lost a future recruit this week when Madison Memorial junior guard Vander Blue withdrew an earlier verbal committment to the Badgers.  In doing so, Blue sounded like a normal confused 16... read more »


FUN FACTS: The Century Mark

I was watching highlights of the U. of Memphis loss to Missouri in the NCAA tournament (a game which put the final nail in my bracket’s coffin, BTW) when it was mentioned that the last time Memphis had given up 100 points in a game was... read more »


BADGERS: Half Full or Half Empty?

Now that the Badger basketball team has concluded it’s Big(11)Ten season, I have started to consider their future. Not their future in the NCAA tournament.  If you’ve watched the team this season, then you should already have a... read more »


Body Blows

As the college basketball regular season draws to a conclusion, Division I teams in Wisconsin both absorbed and delivered some hits to their post-season chances over the course of the last few days. 8th ranked Marquette first lost it’s... read more »


Pressure Gauge

The University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team faces a big test on Sunday in traveling to East Lansing to face Big(11)Ten leader Michigan State.  The game should be a good measure of how far the Badgers have come since digging themselves... read more »


Badgers Grind Out a Win

The Wisconsin Badger basketball team came up with a big win Saturday night against the Ohio St. Buckeyes, 55-50. It was a game that Big(11)Ten detractors like North Carolina coach Roy Williams would suggest set basketball back 50 years, but... read more »