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A Violent Femme’s View – So What

A Violent Femme’s View – So What

Well, despite his modesty (snarky grin above notwithstanding and kudos to Anita for previously posting this hilarious shot), our QB1 has done quite the job of grabbing the spotlight this year, hasn’t he? One of the things I have... read more »


…and so it begins.

Word out of Green Bay yesterday was that Jimmy Robinson was hired by Cowboys to coach their WRs and be Assistant Head Coach. This might not seem like a huge deal, but, as noted in the media account, “Robinson was responsible for coaching... read more »


Packers Record in “Close” Games

If you read Tom Silverstein’s chat from Sunday night he references the Packers poor record in close losses as if this were an indictment on McCarthy and his team. First off, I was perplexed as to why four points was some sort of magic... read more »