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PD Sunday Sampler 1/15/12: Character Matters

PD Sunday Sampler 1/15/12: Character Matters

The end of a disappointing (for them) season for the New York Jets didn’t bring an end to the shenanigans surrounding the team.  Since that time, 3rd string quarterback Greg McIlroy conducted a radio interview in which he spoke of the... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: When You’re A Jet, You’re A Jet All The Way…

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miss World 2010 Contestants. A Tully Fremcourt (Martinique) sort of morning. Programing Note: I actually had planned on being out these next two days so didn’t line up... read more »


Winks Thinks: The More Lousy Soccer Edition

No matter who you were or what you had previously thought about the game of soccer, it’s likely you were still one of the millions of Americans caught up in World Cup fever this past summer. Whether it was Landon Donovan’s... read more »


Nightmare Scenario

For a fan of the Green Bay Packers like myself, the prospect of a Super Bowl match-up between the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets is the worst of both possible worlds. Obviously, I can’t pull for the Vikings as they are the... read more »