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Packers Therapy – Episode 200

Packers Therapy – Episode 200

Chris & Dave’s 200th episode of Packers Therapy, with a special ending courtesy of Guy & Stephen from the London Cheeseheads. Congratulations to Chris & Dave on this milestone and looking forward to the next 200. Podcast:... read more »


Welcome Packers Therapy to Pocket Doppler!

Welcome Packers Therapy to Pocket Doppler!

florida lottery It is with great pleasure I am happy to announce that Packers Therapy is moving to  As most of you know, Packers Therapy is one of the longest running Packers podcasts around & we are simply thrilled... read more »


Pope Ted the Assassin

I think it’s safe to say that Packers fans found the team’s Super Bowl victory over the Steelers last February to be satisfying. For me, there remains a warm glow to this day. But in the wake of the sweet victory there emerged another... read more »


For Those in Need of Therapy

As the NFL lock-out seems to be winding down, putting the very real possibility of football on the horizon,   Packers Therapy emerged from its off-season cave to discuss the NFL lock-out, specifically some of the roster moves that will... read more »


Post-Christmas Thoughts on Fans & Coaches

This being the holiday weekend, I really didn’t plan on posting anything as I figured people would be too busy with family and presents to need further diversion.  But this has become part of my Sunday morning routine so I may as well... read more »


Packers Therapy: Pre-Draft Edition

Dave and I recorded the latest installment of the Packers Therapy podcast yesterday afternoon. Our Benevolent Overlords at tell me it should be posted to the site later today. If you care about such things I hope you... read more »