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Here are a few random thoughts on why the Packers didn’t make the playoffs. Favre didn’t give inside information to all opponents Hawk, when calling defensive signals, was distracted by voices in helmet TT thought unused salary cap... read more »


The Fate of Bob Sanders

I am not a “fire the coach” kind of guy.  I believe that most of the time the performance of teams is due to what the do players on the field.  I think pretty much any scheme or system can win games (whether that game be football,... read more »


Rodgers Ready and Willing

One of the things that has gotten lost in the angst of a disappointing Packer season, is the durability of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In very limited playing time last season, Rodgers suffered an ankle injury and later a pulled hamstring that... read more »


10 Good Things That Came Out of the Packer Loss on Sunday

10 -  No one got frost bitten 9 -  McCarthy won a challenge 8 -  Gave Favre lovers/Thompson haters fodder for the remainder of the season 7 -  The Roar 6 - Helped move team towards top 10 draft pick 5 -  Time Warner Cable WLUK... read more »