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The Postgame Post Mortem: The Regroup and Reload Edition

The Postgame Post Mortem: The Regroup and Reload Edition

Okay, so it wasn’t the type of ending any of us wanted. But it’s not as though the Packers were just bounced out of the playoffs. No, I don’t want to play another round on any quest toward the Superdome. But things could... read more »


2012 Pocket Doppler NFL Predictions

2012 Pocket Doppler NFL Predictions

OK, so we’re a couple days late on our NFL picks seeing as the season officially started on Wednesday, but no one was really paying too much attention or putting too much stock into what we saw that night, right?  We also all know the ‘real’... read more »


Who’d You Rather?: Division Round Edition

Who’d You Rather?: Division Round Edition

A thumbs up to you too, love! Zoe Saldana . OH! Sincere apologies to my most esteemed Pocket Doppler readers. I didn’t realize that we were not talking about a potential rendezvous with a choice Dame of Daybreak Doppler . Instead,... read more »


A Violent Femme’s View – Put It On Ignore

Blissfully excited from that superb win in Atlanta over those Dirty Birds, I expected that nothing could puncture the bubble of happiness that surrounded me. No one could irritate me, or anger me, even the occasional rant from my Bears Fan... read more »


Chicks Dig Scars: Raised on Radio

It’s actually more difficult to come up with things to rant about when it’s going well, isn’t it? Sheer satisfaction for the past three weeks ON the field, means not much to complain about, really. Well, for most people that... read more »


A Violent Femme’s View – What Might Have Been

On to the second round of the playoffs, baby! The Packers are headed back to the house of the Dirty Birds, this time to pluck and roast them, in order to make that title game in Seattle. Come ON Seahawks! (I know that is SO not going to... read more »


A Violent Femme’s View – In It To Win It

The most exciting thing to happen for me this week (besides THE @SusanLombardi47 following me on Twitter) was taking pride in watching the guys pull it together and defeat that pathetic excuse for a team, Da Bears (I’m half kidding. I... read more »


Twilight of the Favre Legacy

It is not so much that I am rooting against Brett Favre when his Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game this weekend. It’s more like I am rooting for the maintenance of his legacy as a Green... read more »


Rodgers Gets a Harsh Critique

In his film study review of the Packers playoff loss to Arizona, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Bob McGinn was less than charitable in his assessment of the play of Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers: The stark difference between the Green Bay Packers... read more »


Best Ever? Random Thoughts from Super Sunday

Heard a lot of talk today about yesterday’s game being the best Super Bowl ever.  I’m not sure how one quantifies this sort of thing as those kinds of judgments tend to be very subjective.  It also seems that we often overvalue... read more »