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A Violent Femme’s View – Dear Cullen Jenkins

I know this will be mocked for its potential inaccuracies by you purists who have Ted Thompson analyzed inside out, but consider this just a flight of fancy that I had today, thinking of how Ted might wish he hadn’t cut Cullen Jenkins... read more »


Slavery? REALLY?!!

I fully intended to stay away from the current collective bargaining dispute between NFL owners and players because the entire concept of a dispute involving so much money holds very little resonance for me as an average fan.  But I just... read more »


A Violent Femme’s View – I Don’t Care Who Started It

Like all of you, I was appalled to see the complete breakdown of negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA last week. I also realize the potential fallout from this issue hasn’t really hit home for me yet; after all, it’s off-season,... read more »


Unforeseen Consequences

“Boy o’ Boy” (as the late Ron Santo used to say) do we have problems…and it is not just the pitching. What we have here is more than a failure to communicate. We have a lack of trust. We have labeling and name-calling.... read more »