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A Simple Kind of Fan. My Hate Thesis– 8.9.11

A Simple Kind of Fan.  My Hate Thesis– 8.9.11

While the St. Louis Cardinals may think that their undying respect for the game and holier than thou attitude is to be admired, it has done nothing but infuriate people all over baseball and has turned my genuine dislike of the Redbirds... read more »


Yost and Macha

This excellent piece by former Brewers beat writer Drew Olson (who now writes for caught my attention because it spoke to a long held opinion that I have about MLB managers: They simply don’t matter as much as many... read more »


Hijinks on the Bases

In Monday night’s game at Land Shark Stadium in Florida, the Brewers made two egregious baserunning errors in the same inning. It was a classic “WTF” moment, turning a two on, nobody out situation into a two out one on situation.... read more »