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Hijinks on the Bases

In Monday night’s game at Land Shark Stadium in Florida, the Brewers made two egregious baserunning errors in the same inning. It was a classic “WTF” moment, turning a two on, nobody out situation into a two out one on situation.... read more »


QUICK HIT: Stop the Whining

So the St. Louis Cardinals apparently took offense at the Milwaukee Brewers private run-off celebration after their 10 inning 1-0 victory over the Redbirds on Memorial Day.  The gesture by the Brewers was a pointed comment at the umbrage the... read more »


BREWERS: What We’ve Learned So Far

News Flash: The Brewers will go as far as their pitching will take them. Not surprisingly, a sustained period of solid pitching can do wonders for a team’s record.  Yovanni Gallardo is providing a glimpse of what the team missed last... read more »