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Bracketology: If All Else Fails, Make an Algorithm

Bracketology: If All Else Fails, Make an Algorithm

Here’s the deal, I have never won a March Madness tournament. Hell, it’s a banner year if I finish in the top third. But that doesn’t stop me from at least trying. Let’s face it, the only difference between the dude that... read more »


NCAA Tournament – Internet’s Fastest Printable Bracket

Hop over to this site to download the fastest printable NCAA bracket you’ll find on the internet: Tweet


NCAA Basketball – 345-Team Madness

Call me a bit of a traditionalist. The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies in most cases. If something seems to be at its maximum potential, leave it be. One such situation is the NCAA Basketball Tournament.... read more »


Now That Football Is Over…

There are those out there that will say that football season isn’t technically over until after this Sunday and the Pro Bowl.  To those people I would say…sorry, football season is over, that shamockery doesn’t count.  All... read more »