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A Simple Kind of Fan. A Giant Game of Major League Monopoly. 2.8.11

I love baseball.  I love the history, tradition, and numbers associated with the game.  Unlike football, the game has been played the same way for over a hundred years.  Unlike football, you can make crude comparisons of players from... read more »


For MLB, More Might Be Merrier

The Major League Baseball regular season has wrapped, leaving us with eight teams vying to be World Series Champion. Of all the major team professional sports, Baseball’s season is the purest test–a long 162 game grind with just... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

Now that is more like it! The University of Wisconsin football team finally lived up to its #10 national ranking (USA Today Coaches Poll) on Saturday with a 70-3 demolition of visiting Austin Peay.  I haven’t seen a whipping this... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

Preseason games in the National Football League can be an exercise in frustration for fans trying to gain any firm impressions on their favorite teams.  Teams and coaches are experimenting with different packages and personnel groupings while... read more »


Brewers’ Malaise

On Thursday, after the Milwaukee Brewers delivered a flaccid performance against the Los Angeles Dodgers, manager Ken Macha openly questioned the mental toughness of his team while lamenting their record in day games.  Macha correctly pointed... read more »


Saturday Morning Musings

(I’m knocking this out a day early this week as I’ll be heading to Kohler for the PGA Championship Sunday morning.) As I detailed in this space last week, there are some lofty expectations for the Green Bay Packers coming into... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

With the major league trading deadline passed and the team all but officially out of the National League pennant chase, the focus is already on the future for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Rightfielder Corey Hart, who’s bounceback season made... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

With the major league baseball trade deadline fast approaching, much of the attention in Milwaukee has been centered on what, if anything, the Brewers are going to do about first baseman Prince Fielder, rightfielder Corey Hart and, to a lesser... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

The big news in Packerland this week was the suspension of defensive end Johnny Jolly by the NFL for the entire 2010 season.   Jolly has had a court case pending in his hometown of Houston, Texas for over a year regarding charges of drug... read more »


Remembering ‘The Boss’

Normally, I’m not one to speak ill of the dead but I’m compelled to say that I’m amused at the image transformation undergone by New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner on the occasion of his passing.  I understand that... read more »