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Braun & The Juice

Braun & The Juice

Reading this fine entry at Disciples of Uecker today got me thinking about Ryan Braun and the drama that has surrounded him since ESPN leaked the story of his failed drug test. While I tend to believe Braun’s contention that he didn’t... read more » Group 2012 Resolutions Group 2012 Resolutions

Welcome to what may very well be the last post of 2011 (unless someone sneaks one in there tomorrow).  2011 was a pretty good year here at  We doubled the number of contributors to the site, the ‘Pocket... read more »


Sadly, the Cards in Six

My distaste for the St. Louis Cardinals has been well-documented, as is my fear that STL presents a highly undesirable opponent for the Brewers in the post-season.   The concerns are numerous: The Cards surged during September to claim the... read more »


I’ll Be Watching

I’ll Be Watching

7 games. That’s all I have to wait for: 7 more games. I’ll boldly confess that since I was a star right fielder as a 7 year old, I’ve been a Yankee fan (let the booing commence). I often envisioned myself as the next right... read more »


Enjoying the Ride, But Still Tentative About the Brewers

 I consider this to be my 43rd season as a baseball fan. While I recall going to see the Pale Hose play at old County Stadium in Milwaukee in 1968 (who forgets their first Bat Night?), I didn’t really become a fan until the following... read more »


No Crying in Baseball? Tell It to TLR.

No Crying in Baseball?  Tell It to TLR.

In the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own”, actor Tom Hanks uttered that now famous line.  These days, it should be directed at St. Louis Cardinals’ manager Tony LaRussa. Another Brewers-Cardinals series is in the books and,... read more »


A Brewers Sweep, Frozen Twinkies, and Minka Kelly

Whether you’re die-hard, fair-weather, a bandwagon fan or communist, it was impossible — as a Wisconsin sports enthusiast – to miss what the Milwaukee Brewers did to the the Minnesota Twins this past weekend. Sure the... read more »


Reasonable to Doubt Bonds

A long, drawn out process was brought to a resolution of sorts this week as the perjury trial of former San Francisco Giant (in more ways than one) slugger Barry Bonds came to a largely unsatisfying conclusion.  A federal grand jury found... read more »


PD Sunday Sampler

Up until a couple of days ago, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about this morning or if I was going to write at all.  With so many fine new contributors to the Pocket Doppler ‘family’, it’s becoming increasingly... read more »


Zach Greinke’s Mental Game

I am looking forward to the coming season for the Milwaukee Brewers. It’s hard not to be excited about the way they have upgraded their pitching staff, acquiring Shaun Marcum and — in a move that shook the baseball world —... read more »