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Epic Lambeau Leap

Epic Lambeau Leap

One of my favorite traditions from the Green Bay Packers is the famous Lambeau Leap. The first Lambeau Leap occured after a LeRoy Butler touchdown in December of 1993 against the Raiders. Take a look. One, I love Reggie White. Two, notice... read more »


Friday Fan of the Week: Andrew Belonger

This week’s fan of the week is Andrew ‘Andy Man’ Belonger from Appleton.  Andy gets the nod this week based mostly on the adorable photo of him and his daughter from Halloween last year & he’s also a Milwaukee Brewers... read more »


Expectations are high, but…

It’s too late. I drank the kool-aid, bought into the hype, hopped on board and strapped myself in for dear life. For once, optimism has runneth over my normally dominant, negative alter-ego. To avoid bad luck, I have been sporting a garlic... read more »


Pondering 4 in Purple

I thought I had already cleared my slate of Brett Favre, believing I had drained my reservoir on the subject.  It turns out that with #4, there is always something more to say. Until this week, the thought of Favre playing against our beloved... read more »