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A Violent Femme’s View – Back To The Future

A Violent Femme’s View – Back To The Future

I don’t know why it hadn’t hit me more fiercely until now, but suddenly I realized that Packer fans are usually in the full swing of discussing/analyzing/arguing the merits of this player and that player, talking OTA’s... read more »


A Violent Femme’s View – Small Town

I was trying to finish this post for some time now. Honest. Wally “Chief” Pingel has probably given my virtual desk to some new kid by now. Who would blame him? Unfortunately, life got in the way. Again. But I can also focus on... read more »


Dreamy Dudes of Doppler – Old Faces, New Faces

My preoccupation with reading the mammoth post that is Rich Ward Jr.’s continuing saga distracted me from my designated Wednesday Dreamy Dudes post. My apologies. Why not take a moment this morning, then, to enjoy a couple of guys... read more »