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Sunday Morning Musings

Anyone who has a grasp on the Milwaukee Brewers must think of hot soup as a finger food. The Brewers began this week’s west coast road trip by dropping 3 games of a 4 game series in San Diego while scoring all of two runs in the process.... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Feast or Famine

This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, ‘Moms’. A Salma Hayek sort of morning. If you stayed up, well…wouldn’t need to stay up too late as most of happened... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

I sat down Saturday afternoon for what I anticipated would be an enjoyable Wisconsin sports doubleheader, figuring that the Milwaukee Brewers game against the Washington Nationals would segue nicely into the Milwaukee Bucks’ first playoff... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

This morning’s post is a tad late as I was a guest of my nephew Wally at last night’s Bucks game in Milwaukee. Many thanks to Wally’s friends John & Darcy for arranging the outing. We learned a number of things over... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

Just when I was ready to get back on the Milwaukee Bucks ‘bandwagon’, disaster strikes. After a couple of ugly stumbles last week, I questioned whether the Bucks were reverting to their not so glorious form. But they rebounded to... read more »


Pushing the Panic Button

When in doubt, fire someone. That appears to be the message coming from the Milwaukee Brewers front office after last night’s game.  General Manager Doug Melvin, indicating that the Blue Crew’s lackluster performance against the... read more »


The Week That Was

A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us. (Editor’s Note:  I’ll be filling in for Wally this week as he’s in the Twin Cities locking down the... read more »


QUICK HIT: Parra to be Replaced by…..Parra?

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha was noncommittal when asked about who would replace departed right-hander Manny Parra in the starting rotation.  Macha noted that, because of off days, the Brewers wouldn’t be in need of a fifth starting... read more »


QUICK HIT: Why I Like Ken Macha

Two quotes after last night’s game from Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha caught my attention this morning. On first baseman Prince Fielder’s throw home that nailed Braves catcher Brian McCann at the plate in the 6th inning: ... read more »


“Hey, Let’s keep Fielder!”

I’ll preface this post by noting that I’m going to reverse my field here. Those of you who know me or have read my posts here know that for the last year and a half or so I have been an advocate of the Milwaukee Brewers trading first... read more »