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Thursday Q & A: Dave Heller from the MKE Journal Sentinel

Seeing as its Rose Bowl week, it seemed fitting that the guest for this week’s Thursday Q & A should be someone with in-depth knowledge of the Badgers so we turned to Dave Heller, Badger beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. ... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: The Other Clay in Wisconsin

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Oh Canada! A Trish Stratus (Richmond Hill, Ontario) sort of morning. Our guest for this week’s Thursday Q & A will be Brandon from ACME Packing Company, be up around... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Welcome Back Bucky

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is TV Lawyers. A Catherine Bell (Lt Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in JAG ) sort of morning. Aaron starts the day off with, looking at how Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers are on the... read more »


Some Quick Badger Postgame Observations

I am really, really happy for Montee Ball. What would have happened if the Badgers did not get the first down on the fake punt in the fourth quarter? They would have lost the game. Either way, I love the call. Playing in Iowa City, with a depleted... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

Editor’s Note: SMM is late today due to computer problems.  We apologize for the delay. WOW!  I sure didn’t see this one coming. Despite the lofty expectations coming into the season for the Wisconsin Badgers football team,... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Down With Sweater Vests!

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Ass Kicking Movie Stars. A Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil series, The Fifth Element) sort of morning. Jayme wants to know if you’ve seen her quarterback? It’s  a... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Q & A Returns & Big Ten Opener Thoughts

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women of new Fall TV shows. A Maggie Q (Nikita) sort of morning. The Thursday Q & A is back this week so make sure to check back later this afternoon (or just follow me on twitter... read more »


Rationalizing a Badger Win

I heard a lot of explanations on the airwaves this morning for how the Wisconsin Badgers were able to defeat the University of Miami 20-14 in the Champs Sports Bowl on Tuesday evening.  Commentators, including ESPN analyst Todd Blackledge during... read more »


The Week That Was

A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us. 1. That’s More Like It: Along with about 70,000 other people walking into Lambeau last Sunday I was thinking “Just... read more »


Bucky faces the Buckeyes

The Badger pigskin crew, fresh off an impressive win at Minnesota which allowed Paul Bunyan’s Axe to remain in Madison, remain unranked in the AP Top 25. Perfect. The Badgers have shown time and again that they do not handle success and positive... read more »