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A Violent Femme’s View – Stupid Girls

A Violent Femme’s View – Stupid Girls

I can’t imagine being a professional sports journalist. Well, I take that back. I can imagine it. I think sometimes how much fun it must be to get paid to report on something you love. (Well, more pay than a mug and a t-shirt anyway,... read more »


2010 in Review at & Group Resolutions

Been quite the year at Pocket Doppler.  We went from an obscure, seldom mentioned blog to a somewhat visible, occasionally mentioned blog.  We tripled our ‘staff’, interviewed 30 people in our Q & A’s, decided who was... read more »


Thursday Q & A: Jen Lada from Fox 6

Our guest for this week’s Q & A is no stranger to the Wisconsin Sporting Landscape, sports reporter Jen Lada from Fox 6 in Milwaukee, one of the most active people out there as it relates to covering Wisconsin sports.  Jen is also... read more »