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A Violent Femme’s View – What Might Have Been

On to the second round of the playoffs, baby! The Packers are headed back to the house of the Dirty Birds, this time to pluck and roast them, in order to make that title game in Seattle. Come ON Seahawks! (I know that is SO not going to... read more »


Injury Fallout

Injury Fallout Prior to getting injured and becoming one of the Packers 15 players lost for the year on IR, Mark Tauscher was not having a great season. At least he wasn’t as solid as he was after coming back from knee surgery last... read more »


Division Uncertainty Gives Packers Hope

The Packers have not been the explosive, exciting, dominant team we saw in the preseason. In fact, they’ve looked downright mediocre. ¬†They haven’t won a second half since the Bills game, and are 3-3 entering the most difficult... read more »