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Daybreak Doppler: Roy Oswalt Does Not Suck

This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Dancing with the Stars A (young) Shannon Elizabeth (Season 6 DTWS Cast) sort of morning. Check back this afternoon for our weekly Thursday Q & A.  This week’s guest is Bart,... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Basketball Hangover

A Laura Prepon sort of morning. Seeing as most of us more likely than not spent our weekend in our own Man Caves, here’s a gallery of the 12 Coolest Man Caves Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV & Alex Tallitsch did... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Let the Madness Begin

A Molly Sims sort of morning. President Obama has both Wisconsin & Marquette going to the Sweet 16 in his bracket . March Madness 2010: 50 Predictions for the Tournament We had Confessions of a Sport’s Addict’s... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: T-Minus 48 Tuesday

A Gemma Atkinson sort of morning. If you are actually headed to the first or second round of the tournament, here’s a list of 14 essential items for any cross country trip Well, at least she knows what she wants: NJ... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Monday Madness

An Alice Eve sort of morning (more at Maxim here ). 10 Most Alien and Weird Places on Earth  , none of which I have visited. It would appear that Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi aren’t on best of terms ... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Spring Ahead

A Tricia Helfner sort of morning The Golden Eagles beat Villanova yesterday afternoon to advance to the semi-finals of the Big East Tournament.  I actually remembered to turn the radio on at work to listen to the play-by-play... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Happy World Kidney Day

An Eiza Dushku sort of morning (although the whole dating Rick Fox thing is a bit disturbing). Nice breakdown here from Wisconsin Sports Tap on competition for Brewers roster spots Part One & Part Two of breaking... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: A Sunny Morning

To go along with the Tron Legacy trailer link below, an Olivia Wilde sort of morning. Lost Letterman gives 96 Reasons Not To Expand NCAAs (Part I) How To Write A Hollywood Rom-Com In 10 Easy Steps The new Tron... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Foggy Bottoms

An Julie Benz sort of morning (part of the ‘Hot Women I Follow on Twitter for Really No Reason Except They’re Attractive Collection’). Missed this yesterday, but join Jimmy Kimmel and others in The Handsome... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Post Oscars Edition

In honor of her Oscar win last night, a Sandra Bullock sort of morning. Gallery of memorable moments from last night’s Oscars from . Mike Golic & Buster Olney come to the defense of Prince Fielder . In... read more »