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Running Diary and Live Twitter Reaction – Giants

Running Diary and Live Twitter Reaction – Giants

We all miss Rich Ward Jr.’s regular series of the musings in the Twitterverse during the games. Rich’s new job has gotten in the way of him being able to post much, so, with his permission, I decided to give this a stab. This may... read more »


Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction: NYG @ Green Bay

I didn’t ask Santa for much this Christmas…Flat screen television, winning lottery ticket, whatever shoes Mike Vick is wearing,¬†bottle of¬†Clay Matthews’ conditioner and a blowout victory over the New York Giants. No, not... read more »


Week 3: Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction

Trap game. As Mike McCarthy put it, “Detroit is a very motivated football team, so we expect their best.” True, but Green Bay has the best home record since 1992. There is no reason, none, the Packers shouldn’t win this game... read more »