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A Violent Femme’s View – You Can’t Be My Tedy Bear

A Violent Femme’s View – You Can’t Be My Tedy Bear

We all recognize this lockout has got to end soon. Kids, we’re down to Wilde tweeting about his daughter knocking on the bathroom door while he’s in it for heaven’s sake. ( Oh, wait, he’d do that anyway. Never... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: So What Next?

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women Born in February. A Karolina Kurkova sort of morning. In what will be a precursor to wrapping up our Packers & Super Bowl coverage for this year, check back this afternoon... read more »


Thursday Q & A: Packers Fan Ashlynn Brooke

Joining us for our Super Bowl edition of the Thursday Q & A is noted Packers fan Ashlynn Brooke.  In our Q & A we’ll find out how Ashlynn became a Packers fan, her thoughts on this past season and of course who she thinks will... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: That’s What She Said

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is female Pop Stars. A Shakira sort of morning. ACME Packing Company on how the  Green Bay Packers Have Three Main Concerns Against Atlanta Falcons . 4th & 26 with  the Packers... read more »


Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction: NYG @ Green Bay

I didn’t ask Santa for much this Christmas…Flat screen television, winning lottery ticket, whatever shoes Mike Vick is wearing, bottle of Clay Matthews’ conditioner and a blowout victory over the New York Giants. No, not... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: Please throw back the throwbacks

This photo of the Badgers’ John Clay has nothing to do with the Packers. But, I thought it was cool. Some random Packer musings: Throwback uniforms. The jerseys were nice, other than the fact that the biggest complaint from... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: That’s More Like It

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme In Honor of Finland’s Independence Day (Dec 6) – Women of Finland. A Hanna Ek sort of morning. We’ll start the week off with What We Learned Against the 49ers in... read more »


Week 7: Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction

The Packers are like a broken fishing bobber right now. Still afloat and functional to an extent, but awkward looking and more of a tease than anything else. The injures have mounted; we have talked that to death. Add that to the fact/opinion... read more »


Week 2: Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction

Raise your hand if you hate traffic jams? Yes, it’s a consensus. We all hate a backed-up highways. However, it’s the 2010 home opener at Lambeau Field! Never have I been more excited to see miles and miles of cars stuck in park.... read more »


Packers-Eagles Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction

ESPN’s Sports Guy Billy Simmons has made famous the running diary. I simply can’t sit on my hands for 3 hours, so I will attempt to do the same. Sprinkling in some commentator’s quotes and Twitter instant reaction, hopefully... read more »