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Dialing Down the Badgers

A month ago in this space I wrote that the expectations for this year’s University of Wisconsin basketball team seemed out of proportion to reality. After watching them lose their last three conference games (including two in overtime),... read more »


It Is What It Is

I may be premature in saying this, and I hope I am, but I think I overestimated the ability of this Badger basketball team when I suggested that they would finish second in the Big Ten standings. They are a good Big Ten team, but will struggle... read more »


Badger Basketball – Under the Radar

Nice piece here by Matt Lepay, announcer for Badger Football and Basketball, on the lack of MSM attention Badger Basketball gets.  I would go further to say lack of respect, but that would almost go for all things Big Ten (ahem…Doug Gottlieb). ... read more »


The Big Four Tournament

Each year, about the time of the Wisconsin-Marquette tilt, discussion begins anew about having a Wisconsin college basketball tournament made up of UWM, UWGB, the Badgers and Marquette. Due to existing game contracts, the necessity for revenue... read more »