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It Is What It Is

I may be premature in saying this, and I hope I am, but I think I overestimated the ability of this Badger basketball team when I suggested that they would finish second in the Big Ten standings. They are a good Big Ten team, but will struggle... read more »


Badger Basketball – Under the Radar

Nice piece here by Matt Lepay, announcer for Badger Football and Basketball, on the lack of MSM attention Badger Basketball gets.  I would go further to say lack of respect, but that would almost go for all things Big Ten (ahem…Doug Gottlieb). ... read more »


The Big Four Tournament

Each year, about the time of the Wisconsin-Marquette tilt, discussion begins anew about having a Wisconsin college basketball tournament made up of UWM, UWGB, the Badgers and Marquette. Due to existing game contracts, the necessity for revenue... read more »