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A Bit of Chokeago with Your Tuesday Coffee

A Bit of Chokeago with Your Tuesday Coffee

Let’s not kid ourselves. I dislike the Chicago Bears and their fanbase as much as the next Cheesehead. The cocky nature amazes me from a team that has not brought home the Lombardi since before cell phones were invented. If you’re... read more »


Just Say No To Chicago

Just Say No To Chicago

Don’t do it. That is my advice for Nick Barnett. As the Packers begin Training Camp, Barnett begins the 2011 season  not as a member of the Packers his first since entering the NFL in 2003. He is a free agent, and actively looking... read more »


Jay Cutler, Twitter and Omnipotence at its Finest

Jay Cutler, Twitter and Omnipotence at its Finest

Omnipotence is considered all-powerfulness. For example, many religions view God as omnipotent. French philosopher René Descartes once discussed the possibility of an omnipotent demon who could manipulate our thoughts and deceive us (“Silva... read more »


PD Saturday Sampler

Some Packers-related items to get you through the ‘bye’ week………. Many years ago, my then-fiance and I were out in the San Francisco area to attend the wedding of a cousin of mine.  As it happened, the night after... read more »


Still Debating Jay Cutler

It’s been five days since the Packers ended the Bears season in the NFC Championship Game, but people are still talking about whether or not Jay Cutler wimped out by not finishing the game on his sprained MCL. For the record, I don’t... read more »


Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction: NFC Championship

I’ve got nothing… I have been pondering how to introduce today’s game since late Saturday night (no sleep), but I am stuck at an utter standstill. Do I attempt humor, snark? Try to be dramatic? Call on Women’s Health... read more »


Pocket Doppler Prognosticators: Conference Championships Weekend

During the NFL regular season, each Friday the 3 founding fathers of Pocket Doppler (yours truly, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards) picked the winners of the Packers’, Sunday night & MNF games. During the Post-Season, we’ve... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Getting Closer

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is American Idol Contestants. A Casey Carlson (Season 8 ) sort of morning. We’ll start the day off with Holly’s Opposition Talking Points on the Bears , lets hope she’s... read more »


Thursday Q & A: Michael from Packer Update

Our guest this week for the Thursday Q & A is Michael Rodney from the Packers blog, Packer Update.  We’ll be looking back at last week’s Divisional Playoff win against the Falcons and of course the upcoming NFC Championship Game... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: In D We Trust

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is American Idol Contestants. A Kristin Holt (Season 1) sort of morning. Head back this way in the afternoon for our Thursday Q & A where we’ll be talking Falcons and Bears... read more »