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Thursday Q & A: Holly from CHTV, Cheesehead Radio &

Joining us this week from, Cheesehead Radio, The Other 31 & is Holly Phelps.  Holly is an ex-pat Wisconsinite whose steadfast devotion to the Packers is only rivaled by her ability to scout and breakdown... read more »


Post-Christmas Thoughts on Fans & Coaches

This being the holiday weekend, I really didn’t plan on posting anything as I figured people would be too busy with family and presents to need further diversion.  But this has become part of my Sunday morning routine so I may as well... read more »


Thursday Q & A: C.D. from TundraVision & Cheesehead Radio

This week’s esteemed guest is C.D. Angeli from and Cheesehead Radio , a true double threat and talent.  Just like Reggie Bush but with more integrity. C.D. has been haunting the Packers blogsphere even before... read more »