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We’re Smelling Roses

Courtesy of Jacki Bezak’s Twitter , we have the sequel to Teach Me How to Bucky .  As I say to my boys every time the Badgers score ‘When you said Wisconsin!, You’ve Said It All (ba-bump!)’ Tweet


Sunday Morning Musings

There’s no longer any point in burying the lead.  THE WISCONSIN BADGERS ARE GOING TO THE ROSE BOWL!  The Michigan State Spartans and Ohio State Buckeyes did their part with wins earlier on Saturday so by the time the Badgers lined up... read more »


Badgers Continue to Roll

It’s often been said that the best defense is a good offense.  Clearly that cliche applies to this year’s version of the Wisconsin Badger football team.  The Badgers had scored 31 or more points in 5 consecutive games heading into Saturday’s... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

The Wisconsin Badgers football team laid a record-setting beatdown on the Indiana Hoosiers Saturday at rainy Camp Randall stadium and later had to sweat it out as Penn State nearly put a damper (pun coincidental) on the day. The 83 points that... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

The end of Daylight Savings Time apparently came a little late for the Wisconsin Badgers football team in yesterday’s game at Purdue.  Either the 7th ranked Badgers plane was late getting into West Lafayette or else the team decided to... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better in Madison………… After last week’s win over top ranked Ohio State, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable to expect a “Badger letdown” for this... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

The University of Wisconsin football team took care of business with a 41-23 win Saturday over the University of Minnesota at Madison’s Camp Randall stadium.  Actually there was a point in the second quarter yesterday, when the Golden... read more »


YAWNNNNNN…Badgers Keep the Axe

My family and I took in the Wisconsin-Minnesota football game on Saturday. The Badgers retain Paul Bunyan’s Axe in a game with all the drama of my walk each Sunday morning down the driveway to grab the Sunday paper (Yes!!! It’s There!) Following... read more »


Badgers Take Down “The U”

Color me impressed, not just with Wisconsin’s Champs Sports Bowl win over Miami, but with the entire season Bucky put together. After last year, I didn’t believe UW was going to be markedly better in 2009; I figured they’d... read more »


QUICK HIT: #49 With a Bullet has the Wisconsin Badgers listed as the 49th best college football team in the country in their pre-season rankings.  Wow!  That should get the Badger faithful all fired up.  No doubt this is a product of head coach Bret Bielema’s... read more »