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The Week That Was

A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.   #1 Sweep of the Indians: Nice to see the Crew come back from a dismal performance of late to visit Cleveland and win... read more »


QUICK HIT: Artie Lange on Bob Uecker

Came across this and thought it was worth a Quick Hit entry. Artie Lange was on Late Night with David Letterman talked about some time with our Patron Saint. Pretty funny stuff. Tweet


Provus Learns the Most Important Lesson

It is great to hear baseball on the radio once again. Even though the weather in Wisconsin is, quite frankly, lousy as I write this (rainy and cold with snow and sleet on the way), it somehow feels just a bit like summer when I hear Bob Uecker... read more »


QUICK HIT: A New Era Begins

I knew about this and I can’t believe I left my Brewer cap at home today, oh well.  Today at 2 PM is the beginning of a new era in Brewers Baseball…or more specifically Brewers Baseball Broadcasting as Cory Provus will be making... read more »


Powell Moves On

I was very sorry to read that Jim Powell has called his last Brewers game.  Well, at least his last as Bob Uecker’s wingman. It is now being reported as official that Powell will be calling Braves games in ATL this summer.  I have... read more »