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Tell us what you really think, Bob

Tell us what you really think, Bob

Bob McGinn interviewed Ted Thompson the other day , but it really told us more about McGinn than anything. Let’s have some fun and convert Bob’s leading questions into statements. For instance: Q. Given this franchise’s money,... read more »


Player Reactions, Quell the Crazy Talk

Reaction from the Packers-Browns game Saturday night is a mixed bag. Analysts, reporters and bloggers alike are all coming down on different sides of the fence. Some say special teams, pass coverage and the defense as a whole were awful.... read more »


An Open Letter to the National Media

I was listening to ESPN radio Sportscenter Saturday with Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel as a guest promoting his fine new book about Super Bowl history.  Right before the segment concluded, the host asked McGinn why quarterback... read more »


Rodgers Gets a Harsh Critique

In his film study review of the Packers playoff loss to Arizona, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Bob McGinn was less than charitable in his assessment of the play of Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers: The stark difference between the Green Bay Packers... read more »