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A Simple Kind of Fan. Out of Control Expectations – 9.20.11

A Simple Kind of Fan. Out of Control Expectations – 9.20.11

Poor play against the Phillies and Cardinals caused many fans to get out on the ledge and begin to panic.  In general, there was an increasingly large faction proclaiming that the 2011 Brewers were done.  These fans say that the Brewers... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. Lauding Lucroy– 5.31.11

A Simple Kind of Fan.  Lauding Lucroy– 5.31.11

The catching position for the Milwaukee Brewers has been a wasteland for the past decade.  The last decent catcher Milwaukee has had was Dave Nilsson back in 1999.  In that season the Aussie managed a .309/.400/.554 slash line and... read more »


What Now, Corey Hart?

Now what? You are one of the lucky ones. A guy who has, against the odds, accomplished your major aspirations for your career. But you are still young, mid-career at most. So what is your response? Perhaps you just smile and ride it out. But... read more »


QUICK HIT: The Man in the Hall

For the time being, it seems that erstwhile third baseman Billy Hall has become a $24 million utility man for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Hall’s batting slump has relegated him to a role as a late inning defensive replacement at third base... read more »


Milwaukee Brewers Potpourri 6/6

BREWERS NEED TO LOCK UP GALLARDO Yovani Gallardo pitched another gem for the Brewers last night, going 8 innings in a 4-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves.  With the win, Gallardo is now 6-2 on the season with a 2.84 ERA and a miniscule 1.08... read more »


QUICK HIT: Brewers Third Basemen

Milwaukee Brewers 3rd baseman Bill Hall failed to deliver in key situations against right handed pitchers in consecutive games this week.  Wednesday night, Hall came to the plate as the tying run as the Brewers were rallying in the 9th inning... read more »


BREWERS: What We’ve Learned So Far

News Flash: The Brewers will go as far as their pitching will take them. Not surprisingly, a sustained period of solid pitching can do wonders for a team’s record.  Yovanni Gallardo is providing a glimpse of what the team missed last... read more »