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Wisconsin Basketball Preview – 2011-12

Wisconsin Basketball Preview – 2011-12

õîááèò èëè òóäà è îáðàòíî Another year, another top-25 preseason ranking for the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team. Whether fair or not, a lot of extra attention is being heaped on this squad because of one person:... read more »


Badger First Impressions

In the last few days, we got our first real glimpse of the University of Wisconsin basketball team in action against real competition in the Maui Classic.  The Badgers registered wins against Arizona and Maryland while being defeated pretty... read more »


Stone Cold Leadpipe Lock

After watching each Big Ten team at least twice, this is my prediction. 1 Michigan State 2 Wisconsin 3 Purdue 4 Illinois 5 Ohio State 6 Minnesota 7 Michigan 8 Penn State 9 Iowa 10 Northwestern 11 Indiana This is my challenge to all of you other... read more »