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Barry Ball

Our ‘old friend’ Barry Bonds was in the news once again this week, prompting a new round of righteous indignation from sports commentators across the airwaves. First, Tony Kornheiser (who I like, at least on PTI) suggested that Bonds... read more »


Now That Football Is Over…

There are those out there that will say that football season isn’t technically over until after this Sunday and the Pro Bowl.  To those people I would say…sorry, football season is over, that shamockery doesn’t count.  All... read more »


Hating Hart

With Rickie Weeks now in the fold, just one Milwaukee Brewer is facing an arbitration hearing: Corey Hart.  Reportedly , Hart and the Crew are far apart when assessing his value, and the sides appear to be pretty well dug in... read more »


Powell Moves On

I was very sorry to read that Jim Powell has called his last Brewers game.  Well, at least his last as Bob Uecker’s wingman. It is now being reported as official that Powell will be calling Braves games in ATL this summer.  I have... read more »


Salary Cap in MLB?

So the Yankees have committed over $400 million to three players over the coming eight years, a number larger than the amount it cost to buy the entire Milwaukee franchise a few years ago. That inspired Brewers majority owner Mark  Attanasio... read more »


Cameron Staying Put

The New York Daily News is reporting that the Yankees are putting the trade for Brewers centerfielder Mike Cameron on the back burner as they pursue an interest in talented but enigmatic oufielder Manny Ramirez. Supposedly, the second generation... read more »


How Long Till Pitchers and Catchers Report?

With yet another offensive defensive performance by the Packers we can now enjoy the last two games in what is essentially garbage time…and not the good kind. For the first time in a very long while I actually feel better about how the... read more »