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The Milwaukee Brewers are “rope-a-doping” their way to wins the past couple of games. They were dominated and totally shut down by by PIT’s Ian Snell on Wednesday and by AZ’s Max Scherzer (whose name sounds like it... read more »


Packing the Van and Facing the Facts

The local paper in Nashville has done a story about Milwaukee Brewers prospect Mat Gamel noting his issues fielding the ball. Or, more precisely, throwing it accurately across the diamond from his position at Third Base. I have seen... read more »


Gamel Now?

A few days ago the crowd was calling for Barabbas , today they are calling for Gamel . Mat Gamel is, once again, tearing it up in the minors and Brewers fans are anxious to see him come to Milwaukee and save their favorite team... read more »


Hart and Hardy: Hot to Cold

Two of the Milwaukee Brewers hottest hitters during the exhibition season were outfielder Corey Hart and shortstop JJ Hardy.  Most of those stats were accumulated in games with Hardy hitting second in the batting order and Hart batting fifth. ... read more »


Random Thoughts on the Eve of the Season

With all due respect to Wally and Cindy the Pocket Doppler Kangaroo, here is one man’s predicted order of finish in the National League Central Division: 1.) Chicago Cubs:   Pretty much by default; there’s just too much pitching... read more »


Listening to the Voice of Reason

That would be me. Last week in this space, I wrote that that the Milwaukee Brewers must base their final roster decisions on performance rather than roster eligibility considerations.  Commendably, the Brewers seem to have followed through... read more »


Boras Being Boras

Continuing with today’s free agency theme, we now turn our attention to baseball:   specifically, enigmatic outfielder Manny Ramirez latest rejection of the Los Angeles Dodgers offer of $45 million for two years.  I never cease to be... read more »


Provus Learns the Most Important Lesson

It is great to hear baseball on the radio once again. Even though the weather in Wisconsin is, quite frankly, lousy as I write this (rainy and cold with snow and sleet on the way), it somehow feels just a bit like summer when I hear Bob Uecker... read more »


Spring Hopes Attorney?

The Milwaukee Brewers prospects for the upcoming season appear to be as confounding as that malapropism from departed Brewers radio announcer Jim Powell.  A poll on this morning’s JS Online asked readers whether the Brewers would... read more »


The Price of Mediocrity

It’s official.  After saying all month that the Milwaukee Brewers wouldn’t pursue any free agent pitchers, GM Doug Melvin agreed to terms with former St. Louis Cardinal righthander Braden Looper.  Melvin previously had indicated... read more »