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The Shortstop Solution?

The Shortstop Solution?

The position of Milwaukee Brewers shortstop has been a revolving door since 2009. Since franchise cornerstone J.J. Hardy lost the job that year, the role has been graced by such luminaries as Josh Wilson, Luis Cruz, and the preeminent Yuniesky... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. The First Hitless Yuni Watch – 8.31.11

A Simple Kind of Fan. The First Hitless Yuni Watch – 8.31.11

Ouch.  Yuni took the collar this week with an 0 x 19 performance.  You have to at least admire his consistency.  For the week he also managed to not walk, not score a run, or drive in an RBI.  His roller coaster season continues to... read more »


Is Casey McGehee on the JJ Hardy Track?

Casey McGehee is having a miserable season for the Milwaukee Brewers. Posting a .586 OPS during the first half of this season (for a nifty OPS+ of 61) is down in the dreaded Bettancourt Zone of Horrid Production. Casey’s bad half season... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. The Down on the Farm Edition 2.1.11

Is Mark Rogers a starting pitcher? Following minor league prospects used to be a difficult task.  The Milwaukee Journal or the Milwaukee Sentinel didn’t print minor league box scores and there certainly wasn’t a plethora of resources... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan

Welcome to the first edition of A Simple Kind of Fan.  Thank you to Wally and the gang for giving me a start on here and allowing me the opportunity.  The purpose of this blog is to explore everything Brewer related from a fan’s perspective. ... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

Preseason games in the National Football League can be an exercise in frustration for fans trying to gain any firm impressions on their favorite teams.  Teams and coaches are experimenting with different packages and personnel groupings while... read more »


Sunday Morning Musings

With the major league baseball trade deadline fast approaching, much of the attention in Milwaukee has been centered on what, if anything, the Brewers are going to do about first baseman Prince Fielder, rightfielder Corey Hart and, to a lesser... read more »


The Slick Fielding Alcides Escobar

When Alcides Escobar was working his way through the Milwaukee Brewers farm system fans heard many stories of the amazing defense this guy played. One scout was even reported to have said that Escobar made one outstanding play each game.... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Casey At The Bat

This weeks Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Female Athletes. A Natalie Gulbis sort of morning . Anyone with any lingering doubts about whether or not Casey McGehee was a one season wonder & wouldn’t contribute this year is... read more »


Saturday Morning Musings

Since this is a holiday weekend and even less people than normal will be reading, this will be more of a truncated, stream of conciousness SMM as I don’t want to spend too much time thinking…….. Last week in this space... read more »