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NFC North – Fantasy Perspective

NFC North – Fantasy Perspective

NFC North: Fantasy Perspective This is the most important time of year for teams. Players hoping, dreaming, and striving for the goal of a championship toil for hours in preparation. No, I’m not talking about the preseason, I’m talking... read more »


Week 7: Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction

The Packers are like a broken fishing bobber right now. Still afloat and functional to an extent, but awkward looking and more of a tease than anything else. The injures have mounted; we have talked that to death. Add that to the fact/opinion... read more »


The Bacon Files – A Purple And Golden Chance, Wasted

It is the resident idiot, Mr. Bacon! Freshly back from the offseason, I am once again in the mood for some gridiron football. So to start off this years edition of Packer’s articles I am throwing a knuckleball instead today, and we are going... read more »


Sweatpants, Man’s Best?

(Basically just an excuse to make fun of the Minnesota Vikings and everyone included in their laughable franchise) An interesting question, are sweatpants one of the best, if not the greatest, inventions by man today? Some say the... read more »


They Know More Than We Do

The drafting of Mike Neal raised some eyebrows during the Packers 2010 draft. Obviously, Ted Thompson knew more about the seriousness of Johnny Jolly’s situation than most others. The jury is out as to whether Neal will be a solid pro,... read more »