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This Week in ‘Re(ar)view’

It seems University of Wisconsin basketball coach Bo Ryan has finally figured out what virtually everyone else in the state already knew; that he should put his 5 best players on the floor to start the game……….and that Tim... read more »


TT Plays Against ‘Type’

In recent years, fans of the Green Bay Packers have become accustomed to seeing General Manager Ted Thompson defy ‘conventional wisdom’ in his approach to the NFL draft.  Thompson’s draft picks have often mystified observers... read more »


Packers Therapy: Pre-Draft Edition

Dave and I recorded the latest installment of the Packers Therapy podcast yesterday afternoon. Our Benevolent Overlords at tell me it should be posted to the site later today. If you care about such things I hope you... read more »


Let the Games Begin

I know I’m getting ahead of myself; we have an entire baseball season to get through first, after all.  But things in the NFC North certainly got a lot more interesting today with the Chicago Bears acquisition of quarterback Jay Cutler... read more »


Packers 3 Round Mock Draft

I will preface this post by saying in no way, shape or form am I any kind of draft expert that spends copious amounts of times pouring over player stats, bios and what not.  I am however someone that can read and hear, so based on things I... read more »


Now That Football Is Over…

There are those out there that will say that football season isn’t technically over until after this Sunday and the Pro Bowl.  To those people I would say…sorry, football season is over, that shamockery doesn’t count.  All... read more »


Seeing Alot of Malcolm Jenkins…and I Don’t Know Why

So one of my guilty pleasures this time of year is going to NFL Draft Sites and specifically Mock Drafts.  Now, in the current Thompson Era of drafts it’s only been once that I have seen any of these actually be accurate as to who the... read more »


QUICK HIT: Taylor Mays Off The Board

ESPN Radio just reported the USC Safety Taylor Mays is sticking around for his Senior Year.  I find this a little disappointing as I was becoming a little enamored of the idea of the Packers picking him at #9 in this year’s draft.  Everything... read more »