Packers Therapy is one of the longest running Packers’ podcasts on the Internet. Reaching back to 2005 when Chris & Dave worked together in Madison, they regularly  discussed (i.e. argued about)  the Packers on a daily basis. It was Dave who suggested that they record their “discussions” and start a podcast so that more people could be subjected to the vicious and largely incoherent Packers banter. And, thus, Packers Therapy was born.  Since then, Chris & Dave’s listenership has grown, entertaining, confounding and alienating Packers fans with their wit, commentary and, on occasion, actual insight.

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Packers Therapy

  • Mike

    Hi guys, keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed listening for the last three years. Do you have an e-mail address for listener comments?

  • Chris

    Thanks for the good words. I think our old account is still active: I aIso think Wally has a link to it somewhere on this site. If than one doesn’t work, let me know.

  • Jamie

    Hey guys,

    I have some thoughts on Ted Thompson and Mason Crosby’s struggles. If this is too long, please just skip to the end. I’m very proud of that last paragraph.

    I am a huge fan of Thompson. He is a great evaluator of talent and I don’t think the Packers would have won Super Bowl XLV if he hadn’t found great backups in the late rounds of the draft like Desmond Bishop and James Starks. You don’t want the GM to treat the team like his fantasy team, but Thompson needs to be more aggressive. It seems like he just has a formula that he blindly follows, instead of doing whatever he needs to do to address a pressing need, which right now is kicking.

    Just like Finley and Woodson could crush the Packers Super Bowl hopes with a dropped pass or stupid penalty, Crosby has the potential to end the Packers season with a missed field goal. Finley and Woodson also have the potential to make plays that could win the Super Bowl for the Packers, but Crosby does not. It’s possible Crosby is just in a slump and will return to form in the postseason, but the Packers just can’t afford to risk it.

    If I were Ted Thompson, this is how I would tell Crosby that we are moving on: “Mason, were gonna have to let you go. Please clean out your locker…oh and take your drugs with you too. I don’t want Nate Kaeding to go down the same road you did.”