Packers Therapy is one of the longest running Packers’ podcasts on the Internet. Reaching back to 2005 when Chris & Dave worked together in Madison, they regularly  discussed (i.e. argued about)  the Packers on a daily basis. It was Dave who suggested that they record their “discussions” and start a podcast so that more people could be subjected to the vicious and largely incoherent Packers banter. And, thus, Packers Therapy was born.  Since then, Chris & Dave’s listenership has grown, entertaining, confounding and alienating Packers fans with their wit, commentary and, on occasion, actual insight.

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Packers Therapy

  • Kevin Purcell

    Listened to this one the day after the Giants game. All of the talk about Crosby came back to bite the Packers again. He went 1 for 2 in the Giants game. The decision to kick a 55 yard FG was stupid and was a moment shift that the Packers never recovered from. I think if they go for there or punt that the game turns out different. Hope to hear your thoughts.