Packers Therapy is one of the longest running Packers’ podcasts on the Internet. Reaching back to 2005 when Chris & Dave worked together in Madison, they regularly  discussed (i.e. argued about)  the Packers on a daily basis. It was Dave who suggested that they record their “discussions” and start a podcast so that more people could be subjected to the vicious and largely incoherent Packers banter. And, thus, Packers Therapy was born.  Since then, Chris & Dave’s listenership has grown, entertaining, confounding and alienating Packers fans with their wit, commentary and, on occasion, actual insight.

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Packers Therapy

  • Rusty Weise

    Thanks for the post mortem edition of Packers Therapy. Therapeutic, indeed. You guys pretty much covered the Packers’ QB situation, but I’d like to take an opportunity to slam one Ed Werder, declining NFL reporter for ESPN. The unsurprising question about a possible return of Matt Flynn to Green Bay was quickly accelerated to rumored inevitability after Ed Werder’s tweet: “Expecting Packers will sign Matt Flynn if convinced he’s healthy because of past success, system knowledge.” Notice he didn’t cite any source or say he “heard” this. Apparently, just his musing about the situation, from hundreds of miles away. Almost immediately, of course, we hear that Matt Flynn is soon to be a Packer again. All Ed had to do was check with either you guys or me, and we could have told him Flynn’s elbow isn’t up to the task.

    Like you, I have doubts about “Sen” (as I heard Rodgers refer to him) Wallace, but I’m intrigued by their commitment to Scott Tolzien. He’s younger, taller and has a stronger arm than Sen, but unfortunately, has a steeper learning curve. I expect he’ll be ready to surpass Sen about the time Rodgers returns.

    Thanks for the space you’ve provided here for us to ramble and/or rant, which reminds me; the defense stunk it up, too.

    • Rusty Weise

      Well, I guess I was a hit & miss on my earlier submission here. I scoffed at the idea of Matt Flynn entering the picture in Green Bay, and lo and behold, a smiling Matt Flynn is photographed entering the Packers compound today. I will stick up for myself, though, regarding the elbow in question, as that seems to be the main target of inspection for this visit. That, and I still cast aspersions upon Ed Werder. Whether or not my suspicions regarding Ed’s Matt Flynn rumor are correct is beside the point, he’s just a worthwhile target of my scorn.

      On the other hand, I must congratulate myself on my desire to see Scott Tolzien’s potential as an NFL quarterback. Thrust into emergency action, I’d say he did quite well for himself. Okay, two interceptions weren’t exactly shining examples of his success, but I don’t begrudge him for those, considering his lack of preparation for this game. Now, if only he could play safety, as well…

  • Mike Mackowski

    Sunday night game just ended. It could be worse. We could be the Cowboys.

  • Mike Mackowski

    It would be interesting to compare the first string defense as of Sept 8 to the defense that lined up with 8 minutes left against the Eagles.

  • Mike Mackowski

    In Arizona, everyone is excited because the home team is 5 and 4 and headed for the playoffs. In Wisconsin, everyone is excited because the home team is 5 and 4 and headed no where.

    Mike M