Winks Thinks

Winks Thinks: The Grizz and Bear it Edition

Even though I have absolutely no money and am deathly afraid of flying, I’ve made a commitment to myself recently to try and travel more. As glamorous as my hometown of (North) Fond du Lac, Wisconsin can be, there’s a whole... read more »


Winks Thinks: The Ranking NFL Teams in Terms of Power Edition

For months, the roommates and I wrestled with the decision over whether or not to get a new television provider for our apartment in the form of DirecTV. As big of NFL fans as we are, and for as much as we watch StatTracker on our laptops... read more »


Winks Thinks: The Eighth Round Blunder Edition

When you have a group of friends that have been together for a very long time, it’s not uncommon for you use those friends as a barometer for how successful you are in your own life. When you are around them, questions may emerge... read more »


Winks Thinks: The More Lousy Soccer Edition

No matter who you were or what you had previously thought about the game of soccer, it’s likely you were still one of the millions of Americans caught up in World Cup fever this past summer. Whether it was Landon Donovan’s... read more »


Winks Thinks: The He’s Back Edition (As in Me, Not Favre)

In this world known as the blogosphere, you see a lot of good blogs come and go, but all usually for the same reason. A young upstart writer will want to get his thoughts down on virtual paper, he’ll get a Blogger account, possibly... read more »