The CHTV/Pocket Doppler Bracket Challenge

Looking to fill out another bracket?  Of course you so here you go, the CHTV/Pocket Doppler Bracket Challenge. Password: greenbay We’re using CBS Sports so if you have an existing CBS Sport... read more »


Farewell to an Old Friend

Farewell to an Old Friend

Those expecting to see something related to the Wisconsin sports scene can save yourself some time and stop reading this now.  This post is going to be even a little more self-indulgent than normal.  You see, I lost one of my best friends... read more »


DREAMY DUDES OF DOPPLER: Is there a doctor in the house?

In keeping with the Grey’s Anatomy theme which I started on Wednesday (and because I am way too excited that last night’s show was NOT a repeat), I bring you Jesse Williams ( Dr. Jackson Avery ).  You may also remember him as... read more »



I fell down on the job. It was my week to treat the ladies of Pocket Doppler with some fresh eye candy. Mea culpa. I’ve been distracted this week. May I present…Patrick Dempsey. The reason I will watch Grey’s Anatomy every... read more »


2010 in Review at & Group Resolutions

Been quite the year at Pocket Doppler.  We went from an obscure, seldom mentioned blog to a somewhat visible, occasionally mentioned blog.  We tripled our ‘staff’, interviewed 30 people in our Q & A’s, decided who was... read more »


A Violent Femme’s View – May The Force Be With You

Rather than dwelling on what every one else is – the depressing loss in Detroit or the end of “The Streak” – I decided this week it was time for some fun. @24markymark21 and I (with occasional input from others) developed... read more »


Holiday Gift Suggestions Vol. 1

With the holiday season upon us, many are struggling in their attempts to find that “just right” gift for our loved ones. Over the next two weeks, I will periodically provide some gift ideas for those that seemingly have everything. Today’s... read more »


Obligatory ‘Thankful’ Post

If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you too?  No, I wouldn’t but seeing as everyone else is doing a ‘things I’m thankful for’ post today I’ll jump on that bandwagon. So here we go, things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. I’m... read more »


Adventures of a First Year Pee-Wee Flag Football Coach

We signed our 6 year old son Connor up for Flag Football this year, his first year of ‘eligibility’ as it were.  I debated back and forth, but finally checked the box on the registration form to be an ‘Assistant Coach’.  My primary... read more »


A Violent Femme’s View – Unnecessary Roughness

I thought long and hard (no pun intended) about whether to write about our good ol’ buddy Brent and his apparent penchant for sexting. Max Ginsberg wrote a wonderful post on the subject. When I read it and other’s thoughts on the... read more »