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Marquette Basketball Preview – 2011-12

Marquette Basketball Preview – 2011-12

The Marquette University basketball team has plenty to look forward to. Coming off a season in which they went way beyond expectations and rode into the Sweet Sixteen, they will hope to make a serious run at their first ever Big East Championship.... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Friday, 06-24 — A Sub in the House

Daybreak Doppler: Friday, 06-24 — A Sub in the House

This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Summer TV Shows. Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds) Wally is off in Maine, perhaps engaged in some Serious Lobstering or, at least, Seriously Monstered, so... read more »


In “Defense” of College Basketball

In the aftermath of Monday night’s NCAA title game, it became the fashionable stance to decry the current state of college basketball.  From the reaction of the media, you’d have thought that UConn’s 53-41 victory over Butler... read more »


An Alternative to Tournament Expansion

Sports fans and many of the people who cover sports for a living are funny.  This week I’ve heard pundits both amateur and professional acknowledge the fine run that has gotten Virginia Commonwealth to the Final Four of the NCAA basketball... read more »


PD Saturday Sampler

Now that the season has come to what many appear to consider a premature end for the University of Wisconsin basketball team, perhaps a little perspective is in order.  Like all Badger fans, I was disappointed in their performance in their... read more »


NCAA Tournament – Internet’s Fastest Printable Bracket

Hop over to this site to download the fastest printable NCAA bracket you’ll find on the internet: Tweet


NCAA Basketball – 345-Team Madness

Call me a bit of a traditionalist. The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies in most cases. If something seems to be at its maximum potential, leave it be. One such situation is the NCAA Basketball Tournament.... read more »


Validating Bo

The conversation took me back more than 10 years, to the Spring of 2000. Listening to Madison sports talk on the way home from work on Friday the question was being debated: Does Wisconsin Basketball Coach Bo Ryan need to take a team to the... read more »


Buzz Can Learn from Dick

Can we please talk about something besides the Packers? Basketball coaches are notorious for borrowing ideas from others and then applying them to their specific situation. I coached high school varsity girls’ basketball for 11 years, and... read more »


Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Losses

It was a rough, rough week for Wisconsin’s top two college basketball programs. What could be worse than Bo Ryan’s Badgers blowing a 9-point lead with a little over two minutes remaining against Michigan State? Michigan State ultimately... read more »