Chicks Dig Scars

CHICKS DIG SCARS: Bellbottom Bye Week Blues

From a professional football perspective, this weekend sucked. I seriously questioned WHY I sat and watched the Bears and the Vikings on Sunday. I should have done yard work. It was literally IMPOSSIBLE to root for one team, so I started rooting... read more »



Yeah, yeah. I know. The Packers need one. They need to rest those injuries. But it sucks to have to wait two weeks to watch them play again. Oh sure. It could have been worse. Going into a BYE after pounding the crap out of someone is... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: Hey Rex! How does that post-game snack taste?

Bet it tasted like vinegar, you obnoxious blow hard. Yeah, and I read your lips a few times on Sunday, too.  Especially after your challenges didn’t quite pan out the way you’d hoped. The Packers beat the New York Jets on Halloween,... read more »


Chicks Dig Scars: Thoughts on the Packers win over the Vikings!

It’s still good. Days later. So, the NFL informed Chilly that Visanthe Shiancoe’s TD at the end of the first half on Sunday night should not have been overturned, thus rewarding him for whining incessantly postgame, but still slapped... read more »